Building Department

The Pennsauken Township Building Department consists of two separate but intertwined divisions, the Construction Division and the Property Maintenance Division. Each has a separate function that interacts with the other on a daily basis.

The Construction Division regulates all new construction as well as additions, alterations and renovations to existing buildings by enforcing the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey. There are five Subcode Officials: Building, Fire, Electrical, Plumbing and Elevator who review and approve all plans and inspect the work as required by the Code. There is also a Construction Official who oversees the work of the Subcode Officials, issues all Certificate of Occupancies, Certificate of Approvals, and Continued Certificate of Occupancies after all the Subcodes have inspected and approved the work.

The Property Maintenance Division regulates all Codes adopted by Pennsauken Township that deal with existing properties. The inspectors patrol the Township looking at properties to see if they meet the minimum maintenance standards. They also inspect all residential properties when they are being sold and inspect all rental units located in one and two family dwellings for violations of the maintenance standards.

Commercial properties are inspected beyond the normal maintenance inspections when the building is sold, the tenant changes or the use changes. This consists of an interior and exterior inspection to make sure the property meets all of the adopted codes.

Each division works together to ensure a minimum of safety and quality of life standards for every resident.

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