The office of administration consists of support staff to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the township by employees are completed successfully.

The support staff coordinates activities of the Mayor, Township Committee and the Administrator and also is responsible for the follow through on communication to the operations staff from the Committee.

Constituent service, including the role of the Mayor’s Aide is a duty overseen by the support staff.

The Mayor's Aide acts as the liaison between the elected officials and the people of Pennsauken and handles scheduling for the members of the Township Committee. The Mayor's Aide can be reached at 856-665-1000 Ext. 152 or ext 155.

The Township Administrator

Administrator John Kneib oversees the day-to-day operations of the town, coordinating the activities of various Township departments.


The Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Township Committee. He/she is chosen on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to actual experience or knowledge of accepted practice in respect to the duties of the office. The Administrator is responsible for the daily supervision of all departments and department directors. The administration assists the Mayor and committee in the preparation of the city budget and otherwise as the Mayor may require.

The following include duties and responsibilities of the administrator.

  • Coordinate the activities of the various departments to achieve maximum efficiency of the city government.
  • Work with the CFO to continually review budget operations, work programs and cost of municipal services and general financial situation of the municipality.
  • Develop and administer a sound payroll and personnel system.
  • Insure there is an effective equal employment opportunity program.
  • Oversee and administer any and all municipal insurance programs, including any health, medical or dental programs operated by the municipality itself or contracted for with any insurance company.
  • Secure appropriate public liability insurance in amounts which shall preserve and maintain the financial integrity of the Township of Pennsauken and protect the township from suits, claims and judgments arising out of any legal cause of action for damage to personal property, real property or other claim or any choice in action.
  • Oversee and administer the workers' compensation insurance program of the Township of Pennsauken, whether the township is self-insured or said benefits are contracted with an insurance carrier.