How do I obtain a Firearm Identification Card or a permit to purchase a pistol?

  1. All first time applicants and any applicant who has not been fingerprinted within the last year must be fingerprinted and the fee paid.
  2. The fee is $60.25, paid by money order, cashier's check, or certified check (no cash or personal checks) made payable to N. J. Division of State Police
  3. Fingerprints will be processed at time completed applications is submitted to the Police Department.
  4. There is a $5.00 fee for an Application for a Firearms Identification Card.
  5. There is a $2.00 fee for an Application to Purchase a Handgun. If you want more than one permit just put the number at the top of the application. It is not necessary to file multiple applications.
  6. Fill out the Mental health Form and have the Records clerk witness your signature when you return the application.
  7. It is important that all questions be answered truthfully.
  8. Addresses for your references should include a good mailing address.
  9. Notify your references that they will be receiving a form with a self-addressed envelope. Ask them to complete it and mail it promptly to this department with the envelope provided.
  10. Do not submit partial applications. Hold on to everything until you can submit a complete package.
    - Fingerprints and $60.25 certified check or money order. We send the fingerprints and money order to the state.
    - Mental Health Form (properly witnessed).
    - Completed applications which have been paid for.

  11. If all of your information is complete it will take from eight to twelve weeks for first time applicants. If you have previously received a Firearms ID Card or Permit to Purchase a Pistol the minimum process time is six to eight weeks. Either way we will notify you when your permit or ID card can be picked up.
  12. To obtain a Firearms Identification Card you must be 18 years of age.

Get the Facts about Traffic Stops - What a Motorist can Expect

  • Officer may activate Red Lights, Horn / Siren to Gain your attention.
  • Additional Officers may arrive as back-up
  • Officer Will State Their Name / Department and advise you why you are being stopped
  • Officer will request your Driver's License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance Card
  • OfficersMAY search your vehicle IF:
    • You cannot provide Proof of Ownership or Registration for the vehicle
    • Probable Cause exist that your vehicle contains evidence of a crime or contains illegal materials
    • You are Arrested or your vehicle is impounded
  • Officer MAY issue a Traffic Summons
  • Motorist can expect to be treated in a Professional Manner

What A Police Officer Expects

  • Driver Should Safely Operate Vehicle to right side of Roadway and Stop
  • Driver / Occupants should keep hands in plain view and stay in the vehicle unless told otherwise
  • Driver should have Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance Card ready for the Officer
  • Driver should not make any sudden movements. Advise the Officer if you need to enter your glove compartment to retrieve your Driver's License, Vehilce Registration or Insurance Card
  • Driver should not Debate the issuance of a traffic summons on the highway; Any disputes will be settled in Court