Redevelopment Zones

Redevelopment Plan Process

  1. The Committee passes a resolution for Planning Board to investigate redevelopment.
  2. The Planner will map land uses, building conditions, tax issues and photos of area and produce a draft report for review. (A final report will be prepared after review is complete.)
  3. Public notices should then be sent out to every property owner located in the area that was investigated (the notices do not have to be sent by certified mail) there must be two public notices in our paper of record, one each week for two weeks. The second notice must be sent out 10 calendar days in advance of the planning board public hearing held by the planning board (The report and exhibits will be shown at this time) the public has the opportunity to give input.
  4. The Planning Board should pass resolution recommending or denying to the committee that this area should be designated as a redevelopment zone. The public has the opportunity to comment at this time.
  5. Committee can decline to pass or choose to receive report and pass it's own resolution declaring those areas in need of redevelopment at the next public meeting. (There is not a notice requirement for this.)

The purpose is to build up the area.

Areas designated for redevelopment:

  1. Amon Heights
  2. Browning Road
  3. Westfield Avenue
  4. Route 130
  5. The Crossroads
  6. The Waterfront
  7. Maple Avenue