John Figueroa

John Figueroa is a lifelong Pennsauken resident. He was re-elected in November 2015 to the Township Committee.

Mr Figueroa served as a volunteer in the East Pennsauken Fire Station. He has also worked for Ford Motor Company and for the public works department.

Mr Figueroa has served on the Pennsauken School Board of Education for 14 1/2 years. He is also a graduate of the same school system, in addition to graduating from Camden County Community College.

"Coach Fig" has also been active in the Pennsauken community and a member of the Pennsauken Youth Athletic Activities (PYAA). He coached (PYAA) Football, Baseball and Softball for 15 years.

Department Responsibilities

  • Public Works/Recycling
  • Pennsauken Committee for the Handicapped
  • Senior Citizens
  • Griffith Morgan Committee
  • Pennsauken Historical Committee
  • Burrough Dover Committee