Billing Information

Pennsauken Emergency Medical Services (PEMS) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Pennsauken EMS charge for services?
A. Yes. PEMS charges for eachpatient transported to a hospital.

Q. I received a bill from DM Medical Billings; who are they?
A. PEMS has contracted with a third party company to handle our billing services. DM Medical Billing is our current third party contractor.

Q. Why did my insurance company send me a check because PEMS transported me to the hospital?
A. By law, you are required to sign the check and return it to Pennsauken EMS at 5605 N. Cresent Blvd. Pennsauken, NJ 08110  

Q. If I have no insurance, will Pennsauken EMS still treat and transport me or my family members?
A. Yes. PEMS has and always will treat and transport anyone regardless of insurance coverage.

Q. I received a bill from Virtua Health for ambulance services, why do I get two bills?
A. Virtua Health is not affiliated with PEMS. They provide paramedic (advanced life support) services throughout Camden County. They may have treated you along with PEMS, but their bill is separate from PEMS and reflects services they provided. PEMS has no control over Virtua Health's billing.

Q. I have a question concerning my bill, who should I contact?
A. Please contact our billing company, DM Medical Billing, Inc. at 856-784-3715. They will answer all your billing related questions.