About Us - Pennsauken EMS

Pennsauken EMS PatchPennsauken EMS services the Township of Pennsauken, a community of 12.5 square miles with a resident base of 38,000. During the day time hours that number raises to over 60,000 people due to the 12 industrial parks that call Pennsauken home. Pennsauken is located next to Camden City and is 5 minutes from Philadelphia. It is surrounded by 5 State highways (Rts.130, 38, 73, 70 and 90.) Pennsauken is also surrounded by the Delaware River on the west side with 5 miles of river front property that is in the process of development and the Cooper River on the east side, home of one of the best rowing regatta venues on the East Coast of the United States.

Pennsauken EMS dates back to 1955, when a handful of concerned citizens volunteered many hours to their neighbors in need of transport to the hospital in times of illness or injury. Volunteers proudly served the community until 1995.

With the increasing demands for sophisticated training, members sought to organize as paid full time. In 1995 Pennsauken Township granted the Pennsauken First Aide squad the distinction of being a fully licensed, professional emergency medical service, renaming the organization "Pennsauken Emergency Medical Services".

Pennsauken EMS is a totally paid squad made up of a Chief,5 street Supervisors,7 Career EMT’s and 32 part time EMT’s. We handle over 4800 emergency calls a year along with several stand bys for regattas and concerts on the Cooper River. We have 4 Horton type 3 Ambulances with 2 in service 24 hours a day. On Duty Supervisors utilize a 2004 Ford Explorer outfitted with EMS supplies, oxygen, and an AED. This vehicle is also set up as a command vehicle for large scale incidents. Additional ambulances are put in service as the needs arise. Pennsauken EMS also has a bike Team to serve details along Cooper River and other large out door events. All Bike Team members must attend an 8 hour training class that covers all the latest techniques in riding a bike in large crowds and emergency situations.

Along with the State required EMT-B and CPR training, Pennsauken EMS requires all employees be trained in PHTLS, WMD Awareness and Operations, Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations, ICS and Response to Large Scale Incident (LSI) with in the first year of employment. Yearly training topics include Right to Know, Blood Bourne Pathogens and the latest HIPPA regulations. All of this mandatory training assures Pennsauken EMS has some of the best trained EMT’s in South Jersey.

Pennsauken EMS Works closely with Pennsauken Fire Department and Pennsauken Police Department. Each department has several EMT’s that work on EMS engines and Police EMS units. Each Ambulance, Police EMS patrol car, EMS Engine and Fire Rescue unit is equipped with an AED, furnished by Pennsauken EMS. The Squad provides continual education made up of Core and Electives